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Real-time Analysis

Visibility of energy consumption in real time

Track Co2 emission

Monitoring of Co2 emissions real time

Actual vs Planned

Comparison of planned usage vs actual usage and alert you when actual exceeds a threshold

Real-time bill generator

Calculate the $ based on the real time usage and alert you when $ increases a predefined limit

Create Custom Reports

Create reports based on your needs

Monitor Power Quality

Track and analyse the quality of the power

Renewable Integration

Increase energy efficiency through renewable energy integration decision support system

Energy/Cost Savings

Analyse and take decisions on the unused energy during off hours

About Us

Engraph is a cloud-based energy management platform which tracks real-time energy usage and displays how much energy is required for the remaining month or quarter (with an accuracy of 95%+ to the real use) so that your company can plan a budget and avoid huge penalties of over or under usage of energy by utility providers.
Engraph gives information about how efficiently your organization is utilizing energy by calculating Power Factor and gives the ways to improve your energy usage.
Our vision is to reduce fossil fuel dependency by integrating all sustainable clean and green energy technologies and by adopting energy efficiency measures. We want to reduce and replace at least 1,000 mega watts of energy from fossil fuels with energy efficiency measures & by integrating renewable energy from Sun, Wind and Biomass by the year 2020. Be a lean, profitable, agile and fast moving organisation.

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